Founder, CEO Labs

Jedidiah Francis

Jedidiah Francis is a technologist, entrepreneur, and CEO of, a socially conscious start-up studio that incubates businesses that leverage machine learning.

From education to health, Jedidiah is passionate about leveraging the latest technologies, especially personalisation, to transform user experiences and improve outcomes for customers, patients and students. 

Jedidiah Francis has over 10 years’ experience building and successfully scaling organisations – from start-ups to e-commerce giants – through the application of data science, personalisation and digitisation. Throughout his career, he has applied cutting-edge academic research to deliver a better, more personalised user experience.

In 2017, Jedidiah Francis founded Labs to launch start-ups that use the latest technologies to enhance day-to-day life, make a positive social impact and provide end-users with personalised, data-driven advice and support.


Fundamental to his work at, Jedidiah believes that the next wave of technological developments will provide proactive assistance to users in a business, social and educational context. 


Based in London, started out providing businesses, non-for-profit organisations and innovative start-ups with strategic, hands-on advice to deploy machine learning to deliver a personalised service. 


In 2019, Jedidiah pivoted to focus on the development of its own products and services after recognising the opportunity for technology to not only drive organisational growth but improve people’s lives and quality of life.


Alongside his work at, Jedidiah Francis remains a technology adviser to disruptive start-ups around the world including Robin, a Toronto-based company providing personal concierge for concerts and live events.

Prior to founding, Jedidiah Francis was Head of Data Science at British e-commerce giant ASOS. Joining in 2013, Jedidiah spearheaded the retailer’s personalisation strategy, recruiting and leading a team of highly specialised engineers, developers and data scientists to leverage the latest machine learning to improve customer recommendations. 


Jedidiah also established ASOS’s data science team from scratch, responsible for taking the cutting-edge data science research from the academic world and applying it in a commercial context. Between 2012 and 2017, ASOS expanded its revenues from £552 million to nearly £2 billion.



Passionate about the unrivalled power of education in unleashing individual potential and reducing poverty, Jedidiah has held multiple, voluntary teaching positions over the course of his career. Growing up in a family of teachers, this passion and love for mathematics and science was instilled in him from an early age and harnessed by his schoolteachers. 


In his early twenties, Jedidiah spent time teaching maths and science in a refugee centre in the Turks and Caicos Islands. After arriving in the UK in 2003, Jedidiah went on to teach at a youth centre in Brixton, one of the most deprived suburbs in London. 


While studying at the University of Oxford, Jedidiah Francis also held a number of research and student mentoring positions as a student.

Alongside his studies, he also worked within a team of statisticians, virologists and data scientists at the University to develop a new machine learning method to estimate the rate of HIV genetics evolution.


Early life and education

Jedidiah Francis was born and grew up in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He studied at Saint Vincent Grammar School, and his time there helped galvanise his interest in science and mathematics.


Jedidiah moved to the United Kingdom in 2003 and was awarded a scholarship to study biology with business management at Queen Mary University of London. He graduated three years later with first-class honours.


In 2006, Jedidiah completed his MSc in Statistics at Mansfield College, University of Oxford. In 2008, he moved to Pembroke College to study for a D.Phil in Statistics, spending over four years in the university’s statistics department and serving as the college’s junior dean.